How to Order

1) Fill out a contact us form, or email us directly, to enquire about the product(s) you're interested in. From here, we will then conduct a customisation appointment.

2) At the customization appointment, a member of our team will call you to discuss, the exact specifications you would like to buy the products in, and the available options for your items.

3) After the customization appointment, we email across to you your designs along with a full quote for the products you have enquired about.

4) To place your order, simply reply to the email specifying you want us to order the products for you, from here we'll take payment and get your products to you.

If the total value of your products is less than £5,000 we will use Royal Mail Tracked 48 hours to get your jewellery to you.

If the total value of your jewellery is greater than £5,000 then we will deliver your jewellery directly to you at an agreed location and time.